Stranded House – Clifftop Beach House by WHALE!

Located in Tunquén, 122 km away from Santiago, Chile, Stranded House is a clifftop beach house overlooks an estuary that leads to the Pacific Ocean. The three-bedroom residence measuring 180m² (1,938ft²) was designed by Chilean architect firm WHALE! in 2014.

The main plan is a simple beach house, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an open space for living room, dining room and kitchen; plus 2 terraces, one indoor and one exposed. The scheme is built in two volumes that are intersected and overlapped. The floor layout reflects the turning point of the concave topography in relation to the landscape .

The construction system is made of rigid frames, built on pine wood (2 x 6″), and distanced 95 cm, where each frame is different from another. However, the roof is continuous and homogeneous, trapping in a single gesture the different moments of the house.




Photographs by Hugo Bertolotto
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