Helmet House – Extended House by Werkt

Copenhagen-based architectural firm Werkt has transformed an old house into extraordinary architecture. They decided to keep as much of the old house as possible and to distinguish new extension from the existing building. The extended house, measuring 192m² (2,067ft²), was completed in 2016 and named Helmet House.

The Helmet House is located in Copenhagen, a densified city with a tough housing market as with so many other big cities. As the city is becoming denser, it’s hard to find a house for an average sized family without having an unreasonably high price. We believe that any family should be able to stay in Copenhagen without being forced to move. Therefore we gave them a house so that they could. An ordinary house transformed into extraordinary architecture. The quality of architecture. That’s something everyone should have access to.

— Werkt



Photographs by Rasmus Hjortshøj
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