Red Hill House by InForm



Red Hill House is a unique family home located on a sloping site set amongst the gum trees in Red Hill, Victoria, Australia. Designed by InForm in 2019, the house measures 353m² (3,800ft²).

Working with the natural topography, the house is divided into a series of stepped floor plates around a central courtyard. The tiered floors zone the interior spaces which offer unique views of the surrounding native bushland.

The home incorporates carefully considered passive design principles to help the family reduce their energy consumption. The location of windows, skylights and the central courtyard allow natural light to permeate throughout the house during the winter ensuring no artificial lighting is required through the day. An efficient woodburning fireplace sits at the lower level of the house and a series of ceiling fans help distribute the heat reducing the need for electric heating. The large array of solar panels also provides sufficient energy for the home.

The cladding made from locally sourced rough sawn timber and pergola comprising of reclaimed timber beams blends effortlessly with the native environment. The soft grey pallet of the interior, together with the timber and bagged cement brick walls create a calm and quite character for this unique family home.

— InForm


Photographs by James Geer
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