House in Son Puig by RipollTizon Estudio de Arquitectura

RipollTizon Estudio de Arquitectura has designed House in Son Puig (Palma, Spain). Completed in 2020, the project has a total floor area of 426m² (4,585ft²).

The house is situated in a neighborhood comprising primarily detached single-family homes. The site occupied by the house is situated at a higher elevation in relation to the rest of the residential street. The site orientation allows for it to enjoy good views out.

Due to being a compact site, we decided to minimize the footprint of the building and tuck it away in the corner of the plot, freeing up the rest of the ground for a well-oriented garden. The result is a square ground plan divided into four quadrants of varying sizes organized around a void with a feature staircase in it. The living spaces are organized in a fluid manner at split levels moving from public areas connected with the garden level to more private areas at the higher levels.

The structure of the building visualized in exposed reinforced concrete informs the character of the interiors and acts as a driver of the formal language. Externally, the building is presented as a monolithic piece of construction, with the envelope punctured with elements of different size and scale responding to orientation and to the spatial requirements inside.

In contrast to the fluid and dynamic interior the exterior of the volume is presented in a more neutral formal language. This approach allows for the showcasing of the material’s inherent aesthetic along with the construction techniques, becoming an enduring image for the house.

— RipollTizon Estudio de Arquitectura

Drawings and Models:


Photographs by José Hevia
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