Vizu Jaus by Alric Galindez

Located in a sloped site in a suburban area of Bariloche, Argentina, Vizu Jaus is a contemporary black metal-clad house, designed by Alric Galindez in 2012.

The stories of the area´s first settles say that religious ceremonies took place on the site, due to the height and wonderful clear views found there. The wizard with cosmic visions directed the Smoke Ceremony where green leafs were burnt as an offering to the gods. The ceremony ended at sunset when the wizard stood on a Rock at the edge of the mountain whispering the word “Vizu”, announcing that the universe was at peace. The project´s main inquiries are how to inhabit a slope and how to relate to a natural and suburban setting. The first intention is to inhabit the entire site generating different situations by creating containing walls that produce spaces on both the inside and outside of themselves. Therefore, spaces with natural vegetation, a lawn garden, wooden decks, a fire place, parking space, entrances and bedrooms, are stacked on each other.

— Alric Galindez



Photographs by Albano García, AG02
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