Breezeway House by David Boyle Architect

David Boyle Architect designed Breezeway House in 2019. Located in the small beachside town of MacMasters Beach, New South Wales, Australia, the beach house has a total floor area of 231m² (2,486ft²).

At Breezeway House, refuge and prospect are found in a garden between the Pine and the Figs. It offers a joyous and engaging destination for holidays beside the beach, where shelter, shade and connection to landscape are prioritised. On a complicated, subdivided block with cross easements and significant fall, the building form is stretched along the southern boundary allowing a series of gardens to buffer neighbouring buildings and easements.
The breezeway acts to thermally regulate the house and provides access to flexible bedroom spaces that open directly to garden spaces. Upstairs, living spaces open to elevated decks and terraces set amongst tree canopies and lookouts to the beach. The rhythmic linear building form twists towards the view to echo Tudibaring Headland. Materials are robust and sustainable, and the hand of the maker is obvious in the craft of the structure and the detail throughout the building.

— David Boyle Architect



Photographs by Brett Boardman Photography
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