Central Park Road Residence by Studiofour

Central Park Road Residence is a 1970’s house remodelled by Studiofour in 2018. Situated in the suburb of Malvern, Victoria, Australia, the residence has a total floor area of 489m² (5,263ft²).

Our focus was to return the house to its essence of form and to create a home full of atmosphere and individuality. The brief was to create an authentic home with a strong sense of identity and with clients being of Danish heritage, a house that at its core was the definition of “Hygge” (a unique Danish word evoking comfort and contentment).

In our client’s eyes, the value of this renovation lies not just in its function and the shelter it provides, but because we have been able to repurpose an existing home and conserve the heart and soul of the forgotten.

— Studiofour



Photographs by Shannon McGrath
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