Brick House by Leth & Gori

Brick House is a sustainable house with a low CO2 footprint designed by Leth & Gori as a part of a project titled Mini-CO2 houses, initiated by the philanthropic foundation Realdania. Located in Nyborg, Denmark, the 136-sqm (1,464-sqft) house was completed in 2014.

By revisiting materials and solutions from historic houses which have proven to be robust and have a long life span a new type of contemporary sustainable house is created. Brick House is part of a development project titled Mini-CO2 houses initiated by the philanthropic foundation Realdania. The goal of Realdania’s project is to develop affordable sustainable houses with a low CO2 footprint. A total of six houses have been built on a site in Nyborg Denmark. Each house with a different approach to how CO2 reduction can be achieved for example by focusing on materials and building techniques or by focusing on aiding the inhabitants to reduce CO2.

Brick House has two main objectives; to create a house which is maintenance free for 50 years; and to create a house with a life span of minimum 150 years.

— Leth & Gori



Photographs by Stamers Kontor
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