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PietriArchitectes designed MaisonP in 2017. Situated on a hillside plot offering a panoramic view of the Alps, west of Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade, France, the house encompasses 296m² (3,186ft²).

The simple volumetry of this house has been designed according to the orientation of the land. It thus makes it possible to limit as much as possible the modification of the natural slope and to preserve its wild state.

The project is composed of two distinct parts: a main house and a dry-stone annex. The house, with a surface area of 296 m², is built on one and the same level but divided into several entities. The ground floor is composed of three distinct volumes of the same height: the 74 m² garage, the entrance/kitchen area and the bedroom/living room area. The latter comprises 4 bedrooms including a master suite. The 95 m² (969 sq ft) annex is situated at a slightly higher elevation than the house and on the north-western part of the land.

The project is divided in two along a vegetated canal, with this perspective being made transparent throughout the house. The entrance sequence is around a pond. MaisonP is not a monolith but an architectural composition, structured around empty spaces, as a reference to Provence’s bioclimatic architecture.

— PietriArchitectes



Photographs by Philippe Biolatto
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