Lyon Park House by Robert M. Gurney

Lyon Park House is a colonial house renovated by Robert M. Gurney in 2015. Located in the “urban village” of Lyon Park, in Arlington, Virginia, USA, the renovated and expanded house measures 2,730ft² (254m²).

After living in their house for 7 years, a young family hoped to transform their colonial house to better fit their lifestyle. A series of small but cozy rooms failed to connect with each other and to the backyard. The existing house comprised less than 1400 square feet, with two bedrooms and only one full bathroom. Ideally, the transformation would retain the “sense of home” while providing spaces open to each other, additional bedrooms and a better connection to the landscaped site. A building that avoided stylistic mimicry with modern light filled spaces was desired.

The budget for this project was moderate. The result is a modest, restrained and compact modern renovation project that respects the scale and rhythm of the street. The project combines three small additions, totaling 250 square feet with a complete reconfiguration of the existing spaces. The existing second floor exterior walls and roof were removed and rebuilt to provide spaces on the second floor with high ceilings and light filled spaces. On the main level, floor to ceiling windows allow expansive views to the backyard, while large windows on the street side insure a connection to the neighborhood.

— Robert M. Gurney

The House Before the Renovation, Drawings:


Photographs by Anice Hoachlander
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