LLM House by Obra Arquitetos

Obra Arquitetos designed LLM House in 2015. Located in São José dos Campos, Brazil, on a plot with an average slope of 30%, the project has a built area of 1267m² (13,638ft²).

The program was arranged in such a way that the collective spaces, living, work and kitchen, had a relationship with the larger landscape, comprehensive views and greater light intensity. The most intimate rooms and environments were positioned below the treetops, forming a patio with tree trunks.

The house was designed in a mixed structure. Reinforced concrete retaining walls and two concrete gables also serve to adjust some levels of the terrain and anchor to the metal structure, lifted over the trees. The room has a free span of 24 meters, overcome with two metal beams with a 1,5m core and supported by four rib-shaped consoles on the gable.

— Obra Arquitetos

Models and Drawings:


Photographs by Nelson Kon
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