Housecut | Contemporary House by Starpilots

Located in Tokyo, Japan, Housecut is designed in 2015 by Starpilots. The area of this contemporary house is 195.0 m² (2099.0 ft²).

According to the architects,

The concern about this project was; the 2/3 of the site is under consideration of the city road-building plan.For this problem, the client family, who was running a funeral company at this place for long time, desired;”We want to keep running our company at this place even if we have to give up 2/3 of the building. Even if we could have only reception desk space, we want to run our business here as we have been doing.” Therefore we placed a dividing line on our design in advance to cut off the building, in case that the city road-building plan is implemented.



Photographs by Satoshi Asakawa
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