St. Andrews Beach House by Austin Maynard Architects

St. Andrews Beach House is a 139-sqm (1,496-sqft) circular house designed by Austin Maynard Architects. Located on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, Australia, the two-story beach house was completed in 2018.

Less than five metres in radius, St Andrews Beach House is an object in the landscape. A Euclidean form set amongst the rough terrain. The plan of the house is generated using the rational and precise geometry, as the circle extrudes into a tube. The internal spaces are generated by a tightly controlled plan adhering to the rules of form, guiding and arranging segments that divide the space, with a spiral staircase as its central core, providing light and air but also snug spaces. The house displays an innovative use of timber, with chunky details and exposed portal frames. This is not a slick beach house, but a relaxed and informal escape, designed with materials that will patina and weather, like an old coastal wharf.

— Austin Maynard Architects

Construction and Drawings:


Photographs by Derek Swalwell
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