Tarusa House by Architectural bureau PROJECT905

Tarusa House is a wooden dacha designed by Architectural bureau PROJECT905 for a creative family of artists. Built near the historic town of Tarusa, Russia, the house has a total floor area of 350m² (3,767ft²).

The surroundings are low-rise traditional Tarusa houses and weekender houses. ­­ The client asked us to create a building that looked like an old Russian dacha, but we instead proposed a design that combined traditional and modern solutions. It was impossible to ignore the existing historical environment, however we had sought to design technologically and visually contemporary dacha.

The slope of the site is 5 meters towards Oka River. The house is designed in several semi-levels, its volume follows the relief. It has two different entries. The main entry is kept at the top of the site, the second entrance is from the garden.

— Architectural bureau PROJECT905



Photographs by Polina Poludkina
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