Trosterudveien House by R21 Arkitekter



Trosterudveien House is a single-family house in Oslo, Norway. Designed by R21 Arkitekter in 2017, the 300-sqm (3,229-sqft) house consists of four smaller volumes assembled to one.

Breaking the volume down in four volumes adapts the scale of the building to the surroundings, while maintaining a clear total volume. The Y-shape creates three different outdoor spaces, with various qualities, views and orientations. The gardens become an important part of the indoor spaces, giving each orientation a different character according to the sunlight in the morning, noon and evening. The ground floor is made of concrete to adapt to the falling terrain, providing an opportunity to integrate a garage to the volume. On top of the concrete base is a glued laminated timber construction. In three of the four volumes timber is cladded with pinewood and given a spruce flooring. The fourth volume is a glass-covered extension of the house, where the construction is left exposed. The fourth volume is a winter garden closely connected to the kitchen. Dining and communication played an important role in the design, giving the family an outdoor space they can use all year to grow herbs and vegetables. By connecting all the rooms on the first floor, the kitchen becomes the heart of the house.

Another important design decision was to give the family several opportunities to hosts guests, therefore both the studio and the office are multifunctional. All bedrooms in the house have unique qualities, especially the master bedroom. The room is facing the winter garden both with a balcony and a bathtub in the en-suite.

— R21 Arkitekter




Photographs by Herman Dreyer
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