Divcibare Mountain Home – Remodeled Chalet by EXE studio

Built into the hillside near the popular tourist resort Divčibare, Serbia, this remodeled chalet was designed by EXE studio in 2015. Clad in white ceramic tiles and dark wooden shingles, the Divcibare mountain home of 76m² (818ft²) is merged the traditional and the contemporary to create a unique aesthetic.

Designed by combining and connecting the two main monolithic volumes, light & dark. These forms merge with the natural environment of low pine vegetation and steep rocky terrain.On the south side, the white portion of the house connects to the outside through a grand picture window, which guides the transition from the artificial to the natural. The black half of the house draws inspiration from original mountain homes. The structure is emphasized through the use of natural materials such astraditional timber shingle cladding.

— EXE studio



Photographs by Relja Ivanić
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