Wild’in – Prefabricated Modular Cabin in Transylvania

Wild’in is prefabricated modular cabins created by the same name company from the Carpathians in Transylvania, Romania. This Wild’in cabin with a total floor area of 24m² (258ft²) was built in 2020.

This prefabricated, modular, fully-equipped home can be set up almost anywhere, including forests, mountains, lakesides or urban environment, in a very short time. Perfect choice for individuals who are looking to build their dream cabin, tiny home, garden office, yoga studio, library or to create a remote off-grid hideout. Inside you’ll find a design focused on natural and reclaimed materials, representing. Asense of order and sustainability, with custom-made furniture and modular storage solutions that will add the perfect aesthetic to your cabin or tiny home. These homes can be customized to fit your needs and come outfitted with insulation and electrical work, in case you are planning on moving to an off grid.

— Wild’in



Photographs by Demian Barnabas
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