Casa Mia by ZDA | Zupelli Design Architettura



Casa Mia is a renovation of an apartment located on the top floor of a 1970s building in Orzinuovi, Brescia, Italy. Designed by ZDA | Zupelli Design Architettura in 2020, the apartment measures 76m² (818ft²).

The plan has been renovated in a contemporary key and adapted to the needs of the new property. It was decided to enhance the living area – created by the union of two existing rooms – in which a formal dining area and a relaxation area with access to the service bathroom for guests. The room is completed by a continuous equipped wall, which hides the entrance to the kitchen, also custom made and equipped with a snack area. The bedroom is enriched by a boiserie with integrated bedside tables and a corner wardrobe from which you can access the master bathroom. The project has been carefully designed down to the smallest detail, alternating custom-made furniture with iconic design pieces, which give the environment a refined and elegant look.

— ZDA | Zupelli Design Architettura



Photographs by Matteo Sturla
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