Meow Restaurant by E Studio

E Studio has transformed a red-wall warehouse built in the 1990s into a cat-themed cafe, called Meow Restaurant. Located in the Haizhu district of Guangzhou, China, the 300-sqm (3,229-sqft) Meow Restaurant is inhabited by fifty lovely cats.

The black block at the entrance indicates the tune inside. The pine wood buffer zone offers a space for shoes-changing and hands-washing.

The river, tree house and other natural features are expressed in a narrative way. Such like the terrace field in the middle of the first floor is designed in the cat’s shape. This terrace is used as seats, instead of the traditional ones, to increase the interactions between people and cats, and to hold public activities. The ups and downs of the terrace field satisfy the different behaviors of the customers and cats.

Basing on the habit of cats, which is enjoying the height, the designer insert a tree house on the upper level to build a platform where customers could enjoy a comprehensive view. The unique pitched ceiling could satisfy both of the customers’ and the cats’ behaviors. One could take a break or enjoy a coffee inside the tree house, or just sit and overlook what is happening downstairs and enjoy every minute with cats.

— E Studio

Process of Construction and Drawings:


Photographs by Zhang Chao
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