La Magnolia House by Martin Gomez Arquitectos

La Magnolia House is a home designed by Martin Gomez Arquitectos in 2015 for a young and active family. Located in Nordelta, Buenos Aires, Argentina, the project has a gross built area of 507m² (5,457ft²).

The idea was to design a family house in a neighborhood in the north of Buenos Aires with modern and contemporary characteristics, emphasizing the use of materials to generate great warmth and a sense of home. Black metal, black flagstone and lapacho wood did the job perfectly.

We thought that the house for this young and active family should be very versatile and of great communication between the different spaces. We took the romantic idea of generating strong sensations in the spaces of transitions. Thus, the access is through a water mirror with an immaculate magnolia, while in the stairs break we can find a bar to serve special glasses for friends and the hall and corridors on the upper floor are accompanied by an elevated garden. In this way, these spaces were transformed into points of interest for the life of the house.

We always focus on the color of the material we choose because we try not to paint but to give color through the material itself, helping us to transmit the atmosphere we want for each different project. The views and the sun were fundamental in the choice of location for each space of the house and with a simple and functional approach; we gave life to a house that clearly emerges from the modern movement.

— Martin Gomez Arquitectos



Photographs by Javier Agustín Rojas
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