House A by Alexis Dornier

House A is a 4-story residence, designed by Alexis Dornier in 2018. Located in the village of Mas, about 6km (3.7mi) south of Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, the house measures 1,000m² (10,764ft²).

House A is based on a linear, 4 story arrangement that is designed to counteract the steep slope of the property site by becoming a bridge house. The central theme of this project is articulated through a combination of two seemingly contrasting, architectural expressions; a notion of a romantic ruin, strongly connected to the ground and an ephemeral, transparent structure holding a series of roofs. these two atmospheric forces contrast and support each other. The master deck is crowning the structure, continuing through a double height exterior living space.

The silhouette is a sequence of five roofs of different lengths, juxtaposed with wall surfaces tiled with locally sourced Kerobokan stone. Linear skylights and gaps between the roofs generate a ‘barcode’ like light composition throughout the interior and exterior spaces of the house, changing as the sun makes its way from east to west.

— Alexis Dornier



Photographs by Tommaso Riva + Alexis Dornier
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