Clay House | Seven Heaven Residence by Budi Pradono Architects

Clay House, named by the owner Seven Heaven Residence, was designed by Budi Pradono Architects in 2016. The residence is set on a hill in Selong Belanak, on the Indonesian island of Lombok, east of Bali. Clay House consists of a pair of volumes, set on concrete stilts, and an angled shipping container with height and width of 2.2 meters (7.2 feet), placed at the highest point of the house.

Organization of space and mass composition is organized with careful and identity by placing a swimming pool as well datum organizing mass composition space on the left and right as well as the outside. On one side of the left, in zoning as a public area so that the function of this pool overlooking consist of lounge, dining and pantry. While the above is the master bedroom where this place is the most strategic place to see the whole of the surrounding scenery. on the right side of the pool, they invented a bedroom where the bedroom can see all the beauty of nature. while the second bedroom behind getting a private terrace and a sea view to peek underneath the rice fields. This strategy resulted in a similar organization in the distribution of compact well as its natural beauty.
One of the most important and fundamental is where the procession into this site after the run from the bottom to the top, after car parked he could walk down the hall where the peak will get a surprise that the natural beauty of the sea and swimming pool. This process is used as a spatial experience for anyone coming to the place it was.

— Budi Pradono Architects



Photographs by Fernando Gomulya
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