Candy Loft | Loft Conversion by StudioAC

StudioAC has designed loft conversion in an old candy factory in Toronto, Canada. Called Candy Loft, the one-bedroom apartment, completed in 2018, measures 1,686ft² (157m²).

The plan uses an entry corridor and the location of the service areas to buffer the living space from the rest of the building – resulting in a very serene ambiance lined with large windows overlooking the canopy of the trees.

In order to emphasize transitions in the loft: from entry to living, and public to private, StudioAC designed intimate arched hallways to create visual buffers from one space to the next.

Solid douglas fir floor boards flanked by warm LED lights add to the phenomenological shift through these corridors as the floor transitions from cool concrete to soft natural materials. The upward glow of the lighting highlights the curve overhead as you move through the extruded thresholds.

— StudioAC



Photographs by Jeremie Warshafsky
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