London Flat Renovation | Apartment Filippo

Apartment Filippo is a succinct, contemporary solution to the issue of progressive urbanization. Its total area is only 45m² (485m²). Located in London, this flat renovation was designed by Studio Alexander Fehre in 2015.

Move out of the City of London? Not if you apply the concept of bespoke tailoring to where you live. A flat only 15 minutes from Tower Bridge has been completely redesigned by Studio Alexander Fehre. Intelligent use of this small space was guided by the owner’s living needs. An unusual kitchen solution freed up space in the living area, while integrating much greater functionality. The bathroom is now equipped with a spacious shower adding a quite luxurious touch, and the narrowness of the room was further enhanced. It all goes to show that 45m² in London can definitely be enough of a good thing.

— Apartment Filippo



Photographs by Studio Alexander Fehre
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