House of Many-Worlds by Austigard Architects



House of Many-Worlds is a small 80-sqm (861-sqft) house, featured a large family table measuring 1.5 x 3.0m (4.9 x 9.8ft) that forms the center of the home. Located in Oslo, Norway, the house was designed by Austigard Architects in 2018.

This open, double-height space is dominated by the wide outlook to the treetops outside, where well accustomed squirrels and birds frequently show up. The dimensions of the table alone allow family members to do be occupied with different activities around the same table – chatting, eating, doing homework – without interfering with each other, in the same social situation.

From this family table towards the interior, space becomes progressively intimate, with kitchen, lounge and library forming individual zones in a continuous social situation without separate rooms. Most interior surfaces are covered in black or white pigmented beech veneer.

The loft forms the most intimate zone of the apartment. Protected by half-transparent perforated steel panels on either side, one can have a complete overview of the social situation straight below, as well as the exterior beyond that.

The loft is designed for sitting and lying, with a wide, multifunctional bench/bed/table and low windows. In a standing position the loft space feels confined, but in a sitting or lying position the space becomes wider, while the proximity of the roof provides a sense of comfort and intimacy.

— Austigard Architects



Photographs by Ivan Brodey
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