Herne Bay Hideaway by Lloyd Hartley Architects

Herne Bay Hideaway is an existing 1960’s brick & tile house transformed into a modern home that provides a private city oasis for a young family. Located in Auckland, New Zealand, the 400-sqm (4,305-sqft) project was designed by Lloyd Hartley Architects in 2017.

The primary architectural strategy is a covered entry courtyard, with the house bridging over, to create a pedestrian friendly entrance. This space also provides a sense of release to the end of the long drive via borrowed views to neighbouring tennis-court.

The spatial enhancement of crucial areas is a key driver to the rest of the design with the open stairwell drawing in light from above and the main living areas given extra height to fully embrace the stunning outlook and natural light.

The house is extended to provide a direct link to the rear landscaping and exterior upper level decks are provided to allow the various living areas and courtyards to connect.

A carefully selected palette of natural materials and clean detailing ties the house together creating a cohesive and timeless whole.

— Lloyd Hartley Architects



Photographs by David Straight
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