Villa Montagnola by Attilio Panzeri & Partners

Attilio Panzeri & Partners has designed Villa Montagnola, built on three levels. The villa overlooking Lugano Lake in Montagnola, Switzerland, was completed in 2017.

The basement houses the technical rooms, the garage and the living spaces for guests. Thanks to the white colour of the resin on the floors and plaster on the walls, the rooms gain a surprising shine and open towards an external patio.

The living area is located on the ground floor: a spacious living room with a large fireplace overlooks the garden which juts into an infinity pool where the view encompasses the entire surrounding landscape.

On the upper level, the night zone provides four bedrooms and a study, each with private bathrooms and wardrobe.

— Attilio Panzeri & Partners



Photographs by Giorgio Marafioti
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