Raúl House in Chile by Mathias Klotz

Raúl House is a home designed by Mathias Klotz for his good friend. Located in the Andean foothills overlooking Lake Aculeo, near Santiago, Chile, the single-storey house encompasses approximately 900ft² (84m²). Raúl was forced to sell the house a couple of years after the work was finished, and the new owner of the house is the architect, Mathias Klotz.

As I built the project, because of the friendship and trust I had built up with my client, I treated it as though it were my own home.

A couple of years after the work was finished, Raúl was forced to sell and he asked me to help with the process. I asked him to lend me the keys so I could take a few photos and when I got to the place and saw the lake from the terrace, I called him to say that he’d found a buyer. He was very surprised that I’d managed to find one so quickly until I explained that I was the person in question.

Since then I have added a series of exterior works in stone, a way of domesticating the hill on its own terms. The Raúl House has become our family weekend refuge (It’s only 45 minutes from our Studio House). We make use of it several times a month, growing vegetables in the garden, cooking our favourite meals and whiling away the afternoons watching films together in bed or sailing on the lake.

— Mathias Klotz



Photographs by Roland Halbe, Leonardo Finotti
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