Woodhouse Hotel – Charred Timber Cabins by ZJJZ

ZJJZ has designed Woodhouse Hotel consisting of 10 charred timber cabins. Located in the remote village of Tuanjie, in Guizhou Province, China, each cabin measures 40m² (430ft²).

The design of the wood houses aims to harmonize with the landscape and the rustic atmosphere while forming a contrast to the existing village buildings. Therefore, we avoided complex or exaggerated designs and selected three basic geometric forms. Each house serves as a separate room. The volumes of the rooms are minimized to reduce the sense of presence in the environment while ensuring indoor comfort. The façade, made of carbonized wood, is weather-resistant, and its color and texture make the wood houses blend into the landscape smoothly. For interior space, various windows are cut out in each house according to their form and orientation, introducing rich layers of surrounding landscapes into the pure volumes.


Process of Construction and Drawings:


Photographs by Laurian Ghinitoiu
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