Residence Le Nid by Anne Carrier Architecture

Residence Le Nid is a contemporary home overlooking the Le Massif de Charlevoix, in Cap-aux-Corbeaux, Quebec, Canada. Designed by Anne Carrier Architecture, the residence has 240m² (2,583ft²) of living space and consists of a collection of rectangular volumes.

On entering the site, the building is barely noticeable: all mature vegetation was preserved, and the colour of the wooden exterior blends into the colour of the bark on the nearby trees. The house sits delicately on a narrow escarpment located below the access road, creating the illusion of inaccessibility, like a bird’s nest in a tree. A large opening in the building reveals a superb view of the Massif de la Petite-Rivière-St-François through the glass railing of the walkway leading to the master bedroom and covered porch.

— Anne Carrier Architecture



Photographs by Maxime Brouillet
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