La Loge by Nathalie Thibodeau Architecte

Located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, La Loge is a 1,200-sqft (111-sqm) project designed by Nathalie Thibodeau Architecte in 2015. The architects have transformed a duplex into a cottage and added an extension in the backyard.

The client’s order was clear: create a place designed for celebrations and other good times with friends. With a nod to the theatre, the house lets its residents’ lifestyle take centre stage. The backyard is the stage, and alludes to the façade of a loggia. To see without being seen, or to see and be seen: you have the choice.

Just like the neighbouring homes, here the rear wall is composed by a volume of white colour. The heart of the façade stands out through the use of dark-coloured, but lightweight, facing, which frames large glass windows whose transparency is filtered by horizontal blinds. Black wood fills the space, both indoors and outside.

— Nathalie Thibodeau Architecte



Photographs by Maxime Brouillet
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