Forest Pond House – Tiny Cabin by TDO Architecture

Measuring only 6m² (65ft²), Forest Pond House was conceived as a meditation room and children’s play den. Located near a garden lake in Hampshire, England, this tiny cabin was designed by TDO Architecture in 2012. Its construction cost £7,500 ($9,800USD).

The Forest Pond House combines contrasting surroundings and contrasting uses to striking effect. It nestles between the dark drama of the forest and the bright calm of the water.

Black, angular sides address the forest; light, curved surfaces and sheet glass address the pond. As well as mirroring the building’s environment, the design creates its dual functions.
The dark elevations serve as blackboards for drawing in the woods. A rising floor and falling ceiling shrinks one corner down to the size of a child. The brighter end of the Forest Pond House, with its single source of light and bench looking onto the water, offers focus and a place for reflection.

— TDO Architecture



Photographs by Ben Blossom
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