Aldo Beach House by Wittman Estes

Located on the eastern shore of Hood Canal, in Washington, USA, Aldo Beach House is a project designed by Wittman Estes in 2018. The architects have transformed a 1940s beach cabin into a new multi-generational home of 2,021ft² (188m²).

The new beach house includes the original two-bedroom structure for an expanded program of two new bedrooms, two bathrooms, and flex space. The design consists of three distinct parts: the original footprint, and the two projecting wings: the first a south ground floor addition, and the second an upper-level master suite to the north.

The house represents a regional northwest problem of building on fragile shoreline. Due to the complex constraints of the shoreline exemption, we kept to the existing footprint, expanding the house only from the existing structure. As a result, all new square footage is supported by compact pier foundations on pin piles.

— Wittman Estes

The House Before the Transformation, Drawings, Models:


Photographs by Andrew Pogue
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