Santo Tirso House by Hous3

Designed by Hous3 in 2020, Santo Tirso House is a modern reinterpretation of a traditional Portuguese house with a gable roof. Set on a small hill overlooking Santo Tirso, Portugal, the house measures 286m² (3,078ft²).

From the road you can see the house, on a small hill, with a dark silhouette in sharp contrast to its natural environment, offering a wide view over Santo Tirso. Its simple lines are the reinterpretation of the stereotype of the traditional Portuguese house, gable roof.

We started by defining a northeast-southeast axis in the longitudinal direction of the land and oriented in the best view of the place. And in this linear orientation, the main volume is arranged, in a playful reconfguration of the traditional house, it becomes remarkable in the landscape. A smaller, fat volume is attached to this one, which in addition to completing the programmatic requirements of housing is also an allusion to the annexes that traditionally are constant additions to the main house. This volume departs from the entrance of the lot to create a kind of external decompression atrium. And in the simplicity of the composition of these two volumes, an intuitive understanding of spaces is promoted, inviting us to enter.

— Hous3


The Photographer’s Website: Ivo Tavares Studio.


Photographs by Ivo Tavares Studio
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