Pinhão House by Mareines Arquitetura



Pinhão House is a home situated in Campos do Jordão, a city 1,600 meters (5,250 feet) above sea level in the mountains near São Paulo, Brazil. Designed by Mareines Arquitetura in 2016, the project has a surface of 1,300m² (13,993ft²).

The building shape sprouted like a fallen PINHÃO, one of the many particles that form the fruit of the local ARAUCARIA trees. An organic sinuous form that seems to weave through the trees and winds. Instead of stairs, ramps. Instead of corridors, compressions and expansions of the internal sculptural contiguous spaces.

This manipulation of the spaces together with the use of ramps enhances the importance of the sensorial experience of the architecture. A narrow dimly lit curved ramp is gradually flooded with light and astonishing views. Above the social level, there are four suites and a home office with 180 degrees views of the surrounding mountains and native ARAUCARIA trees. The upper roof and its complex geometry is a clear reference to the above-mentioned PINHÃO.

We specified natural materials as wood, bricks and stone to enhance the organic nature of the project.

The great spaces provided by the metallic structure and the glasses (many of which are curved) uncover the beautiful landscape and allow for the house’s ever-surprising and enormous differences in heights and views.

— Mareines Arquitetura

Models and Drawings:


Photographs by Leonardo Finotti
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