House MW by Ralph Germann architectes

Located in Vallée de Joux, Switzerland, House MW is a 230-sqm (2,476-sqft) home designed by Ralph Germann architectes in 2017 for a couple with one child.

The architects used a prefabricated timber construction system for the facades and gables. These elements were built directly in the workshop, being later transported on-site. The “skeleton” of the house was made of concrete. The prefabricated wooden facades were then attached to the interior concrete structure. All facades of the house are made of a spruce structure which is filled with fiberglass insulation and then covered with spruce boards. Spruce trees are native to the area.

By using this building method the architects could keep costs down while reducing construction time and environmental impact.

Ralph Germann architectes also designed the indoor tables, shelves, and cabinets using birch veneer, and the indoor and outdoor dining tables from solid larch.

— Ralph Germann architectes



Photographs by Lionel Henriod
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