DeLunna House by REIMS 502

DeLunna House is a single-family house, designed by REIMS 502. Located in Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico, the spacious 780-sqm (8,396-sqft) house was completed in 2018.

Introverted, solid and antagonistic single-family house inside a gated community that protects the privacy of its inhabitants within a large concrete monolith arranged around a central courtyard that orders, facilitates views to the south, seeks appropriate orientation and generates an interior microclimate that adequately responds to the physical-geographical conditions of the area.

From an ordering grid of 6x6m the scaffolding of the project is established, which nests in each of its modules, all the parts of the program that concentrically develop around the central courtyard in a tectonic-spatial sequence that gradually transitions from the public to the private areas in three levels, each tectonically defined in accordance.

— REIMS 502



Photographs by Ricardo Janet
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