20th St. by Mork-Ulnes Architects



20th St. is a house renovation designed by Mork-Ulnes Architects in 2011. Located in San Francisco, United States, the house measures 150m² (1,620ft²).

This renovation represents unconventional materials’ capacity to elevate a project otherwise constricted by a tiny budget and planning scrutiny. With an imperative to create an impact on the exterior but remain within the city’s preservation and zoning requirements, a matte black cladding, typically used on skateboarding ramps, wraps the house’s existing two-levels. The residence’s social functions are relocated into a vertical penthouse addition with sweeping views. A hand-drilled, operable steel screen doubles as an awning and diffuses light to imbue the penthouse with a playful atmosphere. The same hills that poise the residence to have panoramic views also create a notably steep backyard. This sectional condition is celebrated as it enables a connection directly from the third floor to the back garden via a steel catwalk.

— Mork-Ulnes Architects



Photographs by Bruce Damonte Photography
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