The Qiyun Mountain Tree House by Bengo Studio

The Qiyun Mountain Tree House is a stacked country hotel in Anhui Province, China, designed by Bengo Studio in 2016. Totalling 120m² (2,200ft²), the building is a superposition of seven rooms – the entrance hall, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, the living room, and the landscape room.

The house invites the guests in from theglass glazed gallery in the central layer leading to the entrance hall before they go upstairs/downstairs to the two sets of rooms. The guests get to each room by climbing up/downclimbing 1.6 meters up/down the central spiral staircase. As they move to different parts of the house,a panoramic view of the forest is guaranteed, offering a unique visitor experience of enjoying the forest scene at different heights.

— Bengo Studio

Drawings and Models:


Photographs by Chen Hao
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