THAT House by Austin Maynard Architects

Austin Maynard Architects has designed a single-family home of 255m² (2,745ft²) called THAT House. Located in Melbourne, Australia, the house completed in 2016 is almost half the size of its neighbours without compromising liveability.

Let’s be clear, THAT House is not a small home. It’s not a solution, nor ‘new prototype’ for Australian housing. However within its context THAT House is defiant and resistant. THAT house is a conscious effort to build a home that is almost half the floor area of its neighbours, yet without compromise of spatial types, functions and quality. The anxiety of not having enough, or leaving something out that you may need later, is a real fear. However with good design and planning, modest size homes are not compromising. In fact, due to their access to the garden and the sophisticated nature of their internal spaces, well designed smaller homes are far superior to their bulky, poorly-considered neighbours.

— Austin Maynard Architects



Photographs by Tess Kelly
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