Shelters by the Sea by LUMO Architects

LUMO Architects has created five types of shelters by the sea, called Blue landmarks. 50 these refuges were completed in 2015 and set along the South coast of Denmark. Measuring from 5m² to 25m² (54ft²-270ft²), the different Blue landmarks types at the same time are maintaining a clear continuous and spatial relationship between them.

The inspiration for the design of the various shelter types originates from the old-fashioned livewell, where the fishermen stored their catch – and from that same source came the idea for the 5 shelter type names: Monkfish – with its 3 levels and integrated bird-watching platform. The Garfish – a 6-7 person overnight shelter that doubles as picnic space for school classes. Lumpfish – a 3-5 person overnight shelter with stay and sauna space. The Flounder — a 2 person overnight shelter. And finally the Eelpout – which functions as the lavatory. The five unique design types are thought to be combinatory and complement each other in various ways – thus creating the landmarks’ versatile possibilities and recognizable framework and space for an active outdoor life.

— LUMO Architects



Photographs by LUMO Architects
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