CLF Houses by Estudio BaBO

CLF Houses is a contemporary home of 310m² (3,337ft²) built entirely of wood, including the structure and all enclosures and finishes. Located in Villa La Angostura, Neuquén Province, Argentina, the house was designed by Estudio BaBO in 2011.

The assignment was to design and build three units of row houses, each one of two floors. The program consists of a living room, dining room, kitchen, toilet, and laundry room on the ground floor and two bedrooms and a complete bathroom on the upper floor. A patio is incorporated in each of the units to enrich the visual connections and to open up the ground floor. It also allows a solution for the heights in the project to satisfy both the program and the regulations. The decision is also taken to step the units linearly freeing one of the sides of the patio. These operations guarantee a greater and more homogeneous natural lighting of the units and allow the visual impact of the project and its immediate environment to be minimized. Indirectly a greater privacy in the garden expansions is achieved, and the visuals from the living rooms are controlled. Volumetrically the project is articulated to be understood as one unit. The inclined planes of the roofs link the units together and the walls are understood as a result.

— Estudio BaBO



Photographs by Estudio BaBO
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