Dry Creek Pool House by Ro Rockett Design

Ro Rockett Design has designed Dry Creek Pool House — a 301-sqft (28-sqm) addition to a hilltop retreat in California’s Sonoma County.

The budget was tight and the aspirations were large. The design raises the pool high on the property and cuts the pool house into the hillside – allowing the horizon of the pool edge to edit the view to the road below. Nestled into the hill with it’s back to the trees, the new, earthen ground plane acts as a primitive plinth that supports a rustic enclosure.

The prime program of the pool house is wrapped in grape stakes gathered from the property and resawn to operate as a shroud to the private innards of the building. This cladding provides solid walls where necessary and opens to the view where desirable. The modest interior footprint seamlessly expands to the terrace beyond with the help of a rough-sawn trellis that floats overhead, providing needed shade in the hottest times of day.

— Ro Rockett Design



Photographs by Adam Rouse Photography
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