Half-Tree House | One-Room Cabin by Jacobschang Architecture

Designed by Jacobschang Architecture in 2015, Half-Tree House is a tiny one-room cabin located in a forest in Sullivan County, New York, USA. Constructed by its owners, two amateur weekend builders, with the help of their friends, this tiny blackened timber cabin of 360ft² (33.4m²) is built on a budget of $20,000 (£15,500).

From the outset, the project outlined two formidable directives: to design a structure that can be constructed by amateur weekend builders & to consider a limited construction budget.

The topography presented a difficult challenge. In an effort to minimize sitework (in this case, shovels by hand) and to eliminate the need for large footings, retaining walls and pumped concrete, the architecture is lifted above the ground and relies upon support from the trees. Sonotube footings anchor the upslope corners at grade while half of the weight of the structure is distributed, via Garnier Limbs, to two existing trees.

— Jacobschang Architecture

Models, drawings, and process:


Photographs by Noah Kalina
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