Woodpecker Ranch by Feldman Architecture

Located just south of San Francisco, Woodpecker Ranch is nearly new construction, remodeled by Feldman Architecture in 2017. Interior design by Kendall Wilkinson Design.

Just south of San Francisco, this remodel endured a complete transformation with its most extreme conversions redefining the entry to the house as well as adding a level of uniformity to the exterior façade. One of the most challenging requests from the home owners was to clarify the arrival sequence of the home, both from the exterior and interior, while looking for ways to improve the curb appeal of the façade. Collaborating with Arterra Landscape Architects, the teams anchored the entry with a large water feature near the entry door, and used in-stepping retaining walls to help funnel guests to a more inviting entry. The entry stair design was simplified to give it a visual transparency that helps reduce its presence in the space.

— Feldman Architecture


Photographs by Paul Dyer
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