Quintessa Pavilions | Wine-Tasting Pavilions by Walker Warner Architects

Designed by Walker Warner Architects in 2015, Quintessa Pavilions are a series of three wine-tasting pavilions that is the addition to a winery and residence Quintessa Estate. Located in Napa Valley, CA, the United States, each of the independent structures measures 250ft² (23m²).

Immersed in the landscape and surrounded by vineyard-covered hills, each pavilion is carefully sited to protect visitors from the elements while preserving the surrounding oak trees that naturally shade the area. Built with sustainability in mind, the overall design echoes the existing winery in its environmental sensitivity and industrial material palette that ages and weathers elegantly. The result is three, unique wine tasting pavilions that can be utilized year-round despite the weather.

— Walker Warner Architects



Photographs by Matthew Millman, Matthew Williams
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