Ocean Eye by Benjamin Garcia Saxe

Ocean Eye is a 350-sqm (3,767-sqft) terrace house, designed by Benjamin Garcia Saxe in 2016. Located in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, the house has movable wooden walls that open up to reveal breath-taking views out to the sea on one side and the jungle on the other.

The tropical weather creates a perfect opportunity to live “outside” and in constant relation with the landscape. Ocean Eye is conceived as a series of terraces that break down barriers between the different spaces contained within, both vertically and horizontally, while simultaneously connecting the family to the surrounding landscape. In these interstitial spaces, which are never truly inside or out, tropical design architecture comes to foster the relationship, enjoyment, and appreciation of the natural world by the inhabitants.

An “umbrella roof” hovers over large terraces that project out over the property, protecting the occupants from the sun as it moves across the sky. Carefully placed gaps between floors are arranged to allow for air flow through the house, cooling it naturally in the humid environment as well as creating tridimensional relationships between all levels.

— Benjamin Garcia Saxe



Photographs by Andres Garcia Lachner
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