Peconic House by Mapos Studio

Peconic House is a 4,000-square-foot (372-square-metre) residence offered a view of overlooking Peconic Bay. Located in Hampton Bays, New York, United States the house was designed by Mapos Studio in 2016.

The family had fallen in love with the existing tree arrangement and natural fauna of the site, particularly an old growth Sycamore in the meadow. Respect for the site was paramount and special care was needed to be taken to minimize site disturbances of any kind. It was collectively decided that there could be no painted sheetrock surfaces anywhere in the home, only true, unfinished materials which would be allowed to patina naturally in the salted air of the Hamptons.

Strategically located to preserve an ancient sycamore tree, Mapos tucked the house as low as possible within the landscape and meadow so that one can actually see over and beyond the house when approaching it. The creation of a complete green roof enhances the effect that the home is within the landscape.

— Mapos Studio



Photographs by Michael Moran
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