Hemmelig Rom | Library Cabin in the Forest by Studio Padron

Hemmelig Rom (Norwegian for ‘secret room’) is a one-room cabin in the forest designed by Studio Padron in 2014. Located in upstate New York, this tiny black cabin serves as a library and a guest house for a vacation home.

The client (of Norwegian heritage) had recently built a vacation home in upstate New York and wanted to add a separate, single room library on the property that would serve as an intimate respite within the forest and provide an additional guest room.

During the construction of the main residence, several oak trees were felled to clear the site. The strategy for the cottage centered on how to preserve and transform this material aspect of the site that would otherwise have become construction waste.

The cut trees were planed on site into 8 x 8 square log sections. After air drying for several seasons, they became the basis for the cottage interior.

A logic of stacking was developed that created a varied lining of shelving and cubbies on all faces of the room. With a picture window to the forest, and a simple wood stove to provide heat, the space creates an environment for quiet reflection.

— Studio Padron



Photographs by Jason Koxvold
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