Moose Road Residence by Mork-Ulnes Architects

Located in Hopland, California, USA, Moose Road Residence is a weekend house that offers views of “Eagle Rock”, a mountain ridge, and the valley of vineyards below. Measuring 1,140ft² (106m²), the house was designed by Mork-Ulnes Architects and completed in 2011.

This project site offers a prized vantage point onto three locally celebrated landscapes: “Eagle Rock,” a striking mountain ridge and a valley of vineyards below. Each oriented toward one of the landscapes beyond, the plan’s three prongs extend precisely in between the existing trees to carefully preserve each oak tree. The house was also constructed on steel stilts to avoid severing tree roots. To cut costs and minimize waste, the building was designed according to standard–sized, off–the–shelf sheet materials. This strategy was essential to completing the building within a tiny budget (under $170 per square foot).

— Mork-Ulnes Architects



Photographs by Bruce Damonte Photography
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